This section aims to highlight the way theatre for the young is discussed in the UK media. This is by no means a complete list and we would be very grateful for any articles that relate and discuss theatre for the young in general (rather than reviews of particular productions). Please send these to Karian Schuitema at:


‘Imaginate director Tony Reekie talks about his last festival’. By Kelly Apter.

‘Child’s Play’. By Miriam Gillinson.


‘Children at the theatre are best seen and heard: adults please note’. By Lyn Gardner.

‘David Wood: ‘children’s theatre is the most important theatre’. By Lyn Gardner.


‘Relaxed’ theatre for autistic children’. By Colin Paterson.


‘Enough scare stories about children’s theatre, please’. By Tim Webb.

‘A boom in children’s theatre? Bah, humbug’. By Mike Kenny.

‘Children’s theatre competition proves it’s more than child’s play’. By David Wood.


‘A grown-up attitude to children’s theatre – and not a fairytale in sight’. By David Harradine.

‘Children’s theatre is not just for Christmas’. By Rachel Stroud.

‘Curtains for school theatre trips after cover ruling’. By Nosheen Iqbal.


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